Et Publishing House This project was done within a typography course at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. The project involved designing a logotype for a fiction publishing house. This included a logo, a series of 3 book covers and a website.  

“Over the past five years, students of Visual Communication Department were asked to come up with a fictional publishing house, define its vision, imagine its readers and formulate its visual language.

Each student’s work started by experimenting with the visual building blocks of the Hebrew language - the letters of the Alphabet. The result was used to compose a small fundamental component of the publisher’s final brand image - its logotype - a distinct shape that communicates the brand’s personality and makes a strong visual impression.

The logotype - which is a specific type of logo - is composed only of letter forms and uses no other graphic element.

From this point, the students were asked to design a series of book covers for biographies, published by their new publishing house. The design process required the students to establish a viewpoint towards the content of the book, encompassing an editorial position, as well as a designer, in order to decide on the content of the cover, its tone, and the visible and hidden messages it conveys. This exercise helps develop a new and distilled set of typographical skills(Typography, the art and technique of arranging type), aside from the complimentary use of color, shape, texture, illustration and photography.”
From “First Edition” Exhibition

Book covers for series of biographies
The series “Local Portrait” by Et
Publishing Highlights persona who
have shaped israeli society.


First Edition Exhibition
The project was presented at a student exhibition of the department of Visual Communication of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design as part of the 28th Jerusalem International Book Fair.