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Awesome TLV

EasySend was founded with one goal: to bring paper-based industries online, so they can work more efficiently and deliver better user experiences.


When talking about EasySend’s mission, the goal was to expand the scope to truly reflect what EasySend does best. While virtually every organization wants to transform its customer journeys into friendlier digital experiences, getting there usually requires too much resources, time and friction. With EasySend, we wanted them to feel like their digital future is closer than ever. No matter how big they are, they can move forward swiftly and create more and more digital journeys, exactly as they imagined them. From that realization, EasySend’s new brand strategy was born: Digital customer journeys, ready when you are.


We examined the ecosystem carefully to create a color palette that would help set EasySend apart from the competition. With the color palette set we started looking at traditional forms and their shapes and imagined how they would look if the customer journeys within the forms were more inviting and dare we say it… fun.


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