GLZ + GLGLZ Brand Identity
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Our rebranding journey for GLZ and GLGLZ - Israel's National leading Radio Stations reflects a deep commitment to innovation, diversity, and the voices that define us. With a fresh, digital-first approach, we're weaving the rich tapestry of their programming across all platforms, ensuring both brands remains relevant, dynamic, and deeply connected to our audience.


Most individuals gravitate towards familiar music and radio hosts whose opinions mirror their own. Galatz & Galgalatz embrace the diverse tastes of Israelis, providing a platform for various musical genres and perspectives to reach new listeners.

So we came up a brand new concept: The voices that make us up.

Brand Identity

Our design approach highlighted the fact that the every voice, person, opinion and musical genre has a place on the Galatz and Galglatz platforms, no matter how diverse. Therefore we chose sound waves to be the main graphic element, each wave symbolizing a unique voice or musical genre which created a dynamic and innovative visual identity.  

This choice of design indicates the commitment that Gelatz/Galgalat in embracing a multitude of perspectives and genres, fostering a sense of community and empowerment among the listeners. Through the combination of strategy and the graphic images of the sound waves, we have created a brand that deeply resonates with the diverse audience of Glatz/Galglatz, makes them feel seen and heard, and connects all parts of Israeli society to one place.

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