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Awesome TLV

In a transformative move, a leading US company took the reins over Hapoel TLV FC with a mission not just to rejuvenate, but to revolutionize. They teamed up with us to restore the legacy of the club, infuse it with modern business strategies, and foster a new era of success both on and off the field.

Brand Identity

Blending a brand steeped in rich history with a contemporary narrative posed unique challenges. Deep-rooted sentiments held by passionate stakeholders meant that our process demanded a delicate balance – honoring the authentic essence of the club while introducing forward-looking nuances. Inspired by the HTA's 100-year-old legacy, we embarked on "writing their next chapter." Respecting their past, we charted a path forward. HTA's timeless status guided our rebranding, crafting an identity that pays homage to its heritage, celebrates its current achievements, and embodies its promising future.

Our chosen color palette symbolized the dance between history and present – taking muted grays to evoke the past, contrasted with vibrant reds and pinks hinting at future moments. The photographic language offers a visual journey through HTA's defining moments, immersing viewers in the rich tapestry of the club's legacy. Thoughtfully chosen flashbacks harmoniously blend iconic past figures with today's rising stars, spotlighting the exciting evolution of the club.


The website was designed to mirror HTA’s illustrious history and forward-thinking trajectory. A modern, user-friendly interface meets an archival repository, providing fans both young and old with a seamless blend of nostalgia and anticipation. It serves as both a testament to HTA's enduring legacy but also as a portal into its promising future, underpinned by the dynamic motion elements and powerful new brand identity. Check it out: Hapoel Tel Aviv Website.

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Motion elements were utilized to capture HTA's enduring spirit, highlighting its iconic milestones while emphasizing its infinite journey ahead. We visualized this continuum as a piano keyboard, where each historical event resonates as a unique key. As moments unfold, they harmonize into a symbolic composition.

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