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Meitav is an Israeli financial services company that specializes in investment management, offering a range of services including asset management, pension funds, and provident funds, catering to both institutional and individual clients.


We transformed the conventional dot in the logo into a colon, signifying not an endpoint but a commencement. Meitav's  esteemed clients embark on a journey, initiating the pursuit of all their life goals with unparalleled commitment and excellence.

Graphic Language

Meitav empowers you to invest in yourself seamlessly in the present. With a diverse range of products and financial solutions, Meitav allows you to relish life on your terms, enjoying the present without  being worried about the future.

In our graphic language, we utilized colons to represent the individual on one side and their goals on the other. This imagery communicates the ongoing support provided by Meitav in assisting people to reach their goals.

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