OFFF FESTIVAL 2022Art Direction | Design
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What is OFFF?

The OFFF festival is a 22-year-old international design festival that started in Barcelona, Spain and has spread throughout the world to become one of the main festivals to celebrate design, creativity and innovation. The festival is held in several countries every year (Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Israel and more…).  Having been away for three years due to the pandemic, the festival returns to Tel Aviv this year. We were fortunate to be chosen to come up with a fresh concept and a new brand identity. 

The Concept
Like Eurovision, each host country develops its own concept. During our branding process with the OFFFTLV Festival, we proposed OFFFUCK as the festival's concept, with the idea of encouraging creators, creatives and designers to celebrate mistakes, anxiety, and creative crises that happen to us all. Anxiety and fear of failure are our everyday lives - they motivate us to get up every morning and do better.

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