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How can design transform an early-stage startup into a trusted national innovation leader? And how can you jazz up an everyday tool so it's not just another corporate bore, but something that gets everyone excited? Well, our design wizards rolled up their sleeves and gave RiseUp, a tool that helps their customers make the most of their money, a brand-new look. Our aim was to match its visual style to the awesome product it already is, grab the attention of its users, and make it a go-to name in the fintech world.

Brand Identity

RiseUp is all about empowering people to take the reins of their financial lives and unlock their full potential. As a tool designed for the everyday man and women to understand how to get the most out of their money, we knew the brand identity had to move away from a corporate feel and instead become something that resonates with everyone.

The new visual identity is an eclectic assembly of shapes infused with images, chosen to represent the many facets of a user's financial ecosystem. This creative visualization symbolizes how all of a user's assets can be organized and optimized. With this clear, bird's-eye view of their financial landscape, users can better understand all they can do with their money.

Brand Elements

Revolving around a human-centric approach, the photographic language places the faces of our audience as the hero of our images, so that anyone can see themselves in the brand. Each photograph captures real individuals in authentic moments. By centering the focus on people, RiseUp's visual storytelling evokes a sense of relatability, empathy, and a genuine connection, reinforcing the brand's commitment to empowering and uplifting its users along their financial journeys.


The brand is all about creating warmth and humanity in every detail. You feel it in the friendly icons we’ve crafted and in the color palette we used, all carefully chosen to exude a positivity, familiarity, and approachability that anyone can connect with.

Colors & Typography


When it came to translating RiseUp's revamped identity into a website, the key was to ensure every aspect of the design resonated with the average person. Through the warm graphic language, color palette, and client-centered imagery, from the first moment they enter the site, the user experience is a personal one -- inviting them in and taking the fear out of their financial journeys.

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