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In today’s digital world, employees are faced with many security decisions. And making the wrong choice can be messy. Let’s face it, security isn’t exactly their top priority. Luckily, Savvy shows them the right decision to make every time, turning every employee into a security savvy champion.

Brand Identity

The brand identity was constructed around the strategic essence encapsulated by the phrase “Right Decisions Made Easy.” Our goal was to highlight through the brand elements the simplicity of making the right decisions.

We built a modular design system that mirrors the user’s world, particularly at decision junctures where security issues arise. Just as Savvy acts as a guiding light, leading employees to the safe routes and mitigating security risks for companies, the central element of our approach was the use of light beams, guiding the 
users towards the right decisions.


It was crucial to weave the brand's story into the website and the overall user experience. The journey of each user through the website is guided by the signature yellow beams. These beams, along with dynamic animations and a rich technological language serve to enhance the essence of Savvy's new identity at every touchpoint. 

Brand Elements

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