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Awesome TLV

Shape AI, an early-stage startup, approached us with a critical business challenge: articulating the story of their cutting-edge technological solution designed to address a prevalent issue in natural language processing. Our branding goal was clear and ambitious – to clear the technological clutter and lead with a narrative that sells a dream product to clients. 


The challenge was maintaining the cool, innovative edge of their technology while not just coming off as another tech company. The key insight was realizing that Shape AI's tech is super flexible for the end-user, offering virtually endless usability. The heart of the brand message became "Stretch your product without changing its shape," showing that you don't need to keep adding stuff to your product. Just hook it up with Shape's tech, and users can tweak it to their heart's content. 


The logo emerged as a graphic abstraction of this visual language. Inspired by the rubber band concept, the Shape logo was crafted to encapsulate the flexibility and transformational nature of Shape AI's technology, reflecting its ability to stretch and adapt without losing its core identity. 

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